Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dwarvish Drawings

Good day, everyone.

This is Fili here. I finally managed to distract my brother long enough to put up a quick post on some sketches I've done.

These are just a few simple, childish drawings because I haven't gotten around to drawing much else with all our traveling, pony riding, orc fights, barrel riding, warg chases, dragon fighting, etc. Let me tell you, it can get rather tiring and take up a lot of your time.


Erebor... Kili and I are both eager to see our Uncle's kingdom.

Mr. Baggins' encounter with the great Smaug.
This is a rough sketch of our Uncle Bofur.

A quick drawing of my little brother and I that I now use as a book marker.

I'll try my best to get in touch with you readers as soon as I possibly can. I am currently in the company of many Elves. I don't mind their company, though I'd prefer a different diet that's not so full of green food...

At your service always,


  1. So THIS is what you were up to when you ran off and left me stuck up in that pine tree!. Fili! How could you!


    1. And who's fault is that again, little brother?? I warned you about messing with those Warg pups.


    2. Yah, well..whatever. It was your idea to go into the forest!