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Well Met Dwarflings!!

Well Met Dwarflings!!


How fairest you all? My, my long has it been since I've posted last? Far too long, methinks! But alas, Dis has left me in charge of the mountain while she is away, Lil' Kili accompanied her, leaving me quite on my own with only my wolf pups to keep me company.
Uncle Thorin and Fili are both away at the moment as well.
But I'm here, and I thought I would take a minute to disband some ugly rumors that I've seen floating around..well..everywhere! No doubt the result of some orc mischief! 

It's gone viral that Fili, Uncle Thorin, and I have all died.....yes, you've all heard it, seen it on the news, read it in the newspaper. But it's not true I tell you, I'm here to vouch for that. We are alive and well, and don't you dare let those nasty orcies convince you otherwise! I mean honestly...what would we all do if these rumors were actually true? I bet the shameful orcies started this rumor to dismantle our beloved fans. Hmmm..yes, I think I'm right. When Uncle finds out about this he'll be furious mad...probably go on a rampage and kill a few hundred orcs and maybe a cave troll. He does have his temper tantrums on occasion, and I'm willing to bet this rumor will set him off...again.

So take heart my beloved fans! And do not be distraught any longer. 
 You shall hear again from me very soon...

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Tookish Tag

Tookish Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Reyna Nicole  Thank you dearie! I muchly enjoyed filling this out!

Tag rules:

~ Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
~ Answer questions.
~ Tag some of your own fellow Tolkienights!

  1.  How were you first introduced to LotR/TH and was it love at first sight/read? 
I didn't read the books until I was older, but we grew up watching Lord of The Rings, and all of my siblings (at that time) were avid Tolkien fans. So yes, I've been a Tolkien fan for ever since I can remember!

2.  If you could meet the actors who portray the characters in the movies, would you? 

Absolutely! At the top of my list would be Richard Armitage, Dean O'Gorman, and Aidan Turner. But I would also dearly like to meet Evangeline Lilly, Graham McTavish and others.

3.  What is your favorite credit song from LotR/TH?

Oh goodness! You cannot seriously be asking me this question!!! There is no way I can decide! Probably...maybe?..The Last Goodbye, but I adore the others all so much! Is there an "All" choice??

4.  The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit - which is your favorite?  *evil laugh*  (And no, you don't actually have to decide.  I'm merciful like that. *magnanimous smile*) 

I love them both, muchly. ;)

5.  Who is your favorite all-around character? 

My first ever crush was Aragorn, so if you would have asked me this several years ago this could have been easy, but now that Thorin, Fili, and Kili are (or shall I say "were" *violent sobs*) in existence...yeah no. I'd have to say all four of them. :D

6.  What is your opinion on Boromir? 

Boromir is a very misunderstood character, in my opinion. His bravery. loyalty to his people, and love for the halflings, gives much to his credit. His character is impeccable. He is tempted by the ring yes, but let us remember he IS human, and nobody is perfect. I think people could find somebody else much beter (*ahem* like his father for instance *ahem*) to nitpick on, rather than dear, faithful Boromir.

7.  How many times have you watched the movies/read the books? 

I've read The Hobbit a handful of times, The Fellowship of The Ring once, then I've read The Two Towers halfway through. Yes, it's true! Please don't disown me!! I've watched LOTR too many times to count, and likewise with TH.

8.  What book is your favorite? 

The Hobbit

9.  Who is your favorite female character (other than your answer to question #5)? 


10.  Who is your favorite male character (other than your answer to question #5)? 

Somebody else who has always been a favorite (besides the above gentlemen..err..dwarves..) is Eomer.

11.  Which of the movies, in your opinion, has the bes
t ending?

Return of The King.

Thanks again for the nomination Reyna darling!!

I nominate:

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#OneLastTime Q&A

#OneLastTime Q&A

I was tagged by the lovely miss Sarah , thank you dearie!

The Rules

1. You Must be tagged to take the Q&A quiz

2. You must tag(notify)at least three other bloggers(or whatever they are on)for this Q&A

3. You must answer the following questions to the best of your ability

4. You must have seen The Battle of the Five Armies to be tagged/take the quiz

(don't read unless you have seen the movie; there will be *SPOILERS*)
 Questions 1. Tell your story of how you came to see the movie(s) or got into Tolkien in the first place.
We had grown up reading and loving Tolkien's books, and when the movies started coming out, we naturally loved those too. I can remember watching them when I was very little. So I've been a 'into' them since childhood.
2. Who are your three favorite characters in the Hobbit Trilogy? Fili, Kili, and Thorin.  

3. Did you cry in the Battle of the Five Armies, and if so, which scene(s) and what type(sniffling, sobbing, choke-crying)?  Are you kidding me???!!! I teared up through the entire movie! YES I CRIED! I bawled, sobbed, wailed, and so forth. My eyes started to tear up when Dwalin goes in to Thorin, and tells him "He cannot see what he has become." I started getting very upset when Fili and Kili went into the tower on Ravenhill, I knew something was fixing to happen. I started sobbing when Azog drug Fili out, and never stopped sobbing until the credits ended. And yes, I stayed in the theater until the credits were completely over.  
4. Were the deaths compelling to you, and if so, who's? Fili's was the most heart breaking to me (he's my baby!! <3<3<3<3). He protected Kili from danger in the tower, and instead put his life on the line, and then he died in view of his brother, uncle, adopted uncle (Dwalin), and dear little Bilbo. It crushed me utterly and completely. Kili dying to protect Tauriel was sweet, but I still haven't forgiven Tauriel all the way for being in the movie (due to her character's absence from the book), but it was such a tragic death. The tears that rolled down Kili's cheek, as he thought about the life with Tauriel he could never have, was too much! I died right alongside him! Such a sad, heartbreaking moment. Thorin's battle with Azog was interesting. I could have done without Thorin following Azog under the ice, I screamed internally at the movie screen during that whole part. And when Azog's blade pierced Thorin's chest..I choked by tears. Actually no. I lied. I let them all out and bawled somemore, because apparently Peter Jackson enjoys seeing his (female) audience bawl. But anyway..yes all three deaths were tragic, but Fili's was the most tragic in my opinion.  
5. Over all, were you satisfied with the movie itself?
Most defiantly. It was by far the best (and saddest) of them all.

6. Describe the movie in one word.
I nominate:

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies - movie review

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies - movie review

I don't even know where to begin!!! 

I suppose we should begin with today...TODAY (December 17th) most of you dwarves, hobbits, elves, and orcies (if y'all do that sort of thing...) will be going to see the final Hobbit movie... #OneLastTime

 I went to see The Hobbit Marathon (post on that coming soon) on Monday the 15th. Two days early. After taking a day to process all that I saw, I decided I would do a movie review for you all.

WARNING: The following post contains spoilers..lots and LOTS of spoilers. If you have yet to see the movie, GO NOW FURTHER! 

If on the other hand, you've already seen it, then proceed~

I shall try my best to depict the last epic tale, in the order that the events take place. But, not all of the pictures are in order, so forgive me before hand if some things are mismatched. That's what happens when you try and work with 100++ pictures all in one post!

 Note: Fangirl notes will be written in italics. 

ONE LAST WARNING: This post contains extreme fangirling, trauma, tears, lots of tears, fainting, dfjsdkflsjfk-ing, and so forth. Enter at your own risk...





The commercials just stopped playing, and the next thing you hear is Howard Shore's song "Fire and Water", start playing.


I am in NO way ready for this!!!

Quick review from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - in the closing scene of DoS, we see Smaug flying towards Laketown, to destroy it. Then we hear Bilbo say: "What have we done?!" Then the credits come up...

Yep! Remember when your heart stopped beating this time last year? Ahuh, that's right where it picks up... 

BOTFA picks up right where it left off. 

We're in Laketown, the people know something's up. They felt the rumblings from the mountains, and now they can see through the dense fog, a light (a.k.a Smaug) headed towards Laketown. The Laketowner's are desperately trying to evacuate the town. We see people scurrying about everywhere, packing up boats with their family and belongings. We see the Master of Laketown and his minions loading up a big boat full of gold, they open up a hatch and float out onto the lake, where all the other inhabitants are rushing around trying to escape the fire-storm that is coming.
 Tauriel, Kili, Fili, Bofur, Oin, and Bard's children are all in a boat together, and are also trying to leave the town.

Smaug's coming to destory Lake-Town...RUNNNNNN PEOPLE!!! RUN!!! 

But it's too late. 

It's never too late! FLEE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Smaug sweeps over the town and fires 1/3 of the town in one violent fire-breath.

Bard, who is still imprisoned, is bashing up against the walls of his cell, trying to escape. He quickly grabs a rope that is hanging on the wall, and throwing it out the window, catches the Master on his boat, who just so happen to be right below him. The Master stumbles back, hitting the bowel of the boat. Meanwhile the boat is still going forward, and the force of it jerks part of the wall off. Bard quickly jumps out, and retrieving his bow and a handful of arrows, quickly makes his way to the guard tower that overlooks the now-burning town.


Bard shoots arrow after arrow at Smaug as he flies by, but each time misses, the arrows bouncing off his iron-scales.


The boat that carries Tauriel, the dwarves, and Bard's children is in the middle of town, fire is everywhere, burning everything in it's path. Bain (Bard's son) looks up and see's his dad in the watch tower, firing at Smaug. He then remembers the black arrow that he hid in the boat, at the end of DoS. He grabs hold of a rope that is hanging nearby and swings back onto the streets of the town. 
Tauriel and Bain's sisters scream for him to come back, but he is already out of sight. They have no choice but to go forward without him.
Bain retrieves the black arrow and climbs the watch tower where his father is stationed. Bard reaches around to grab another arrow, but finds his quiver empty. Just then he see's Bain climb up into the tower, carrying the black arrow. 
Bard grabs the arrow and turns to place it on the windlance that is next to him, but finds it has been broken by Smaug as he whizzed past the tower. 
Meanwhile, Smaug catches sight of Bard and Bain in the tower and confronts them. Roaring "Who dares to defy me!" and a-bunch of other threats. 
As Smaug is flying towards the tower to kill Bard and his son, Bard quickly makes a make-shift 'bow' using Bain's shoulder to hold the arrow. As Smaug gets closer, Bard see's the missing scale on Smaug, and aims for it. As Smaug is about to demolish the tower, Bard fires, the arrow strikes Smaug hitting where the missing scale is. Smaug screams out in pain and starts flying straight up into the night-sky. Smaug, who's body was lit up by the fire he'd been breathing, now goes dark. The light going out of his eyes, he starts falling through the sky, landing right on the Master of Lake-Town's boat, killing him and the soldiers who were on it, excluding Alfrid, who the Master pushed off several minutes before.
Good riddance, ya looney! *sticks tongue out at the Master* 

BLACK ARROW!!! *faints*

Bain and Bard watch as Smaug falls.

The fleeing Master and cowardly Alfred.

The dwarves look on as Smaug destroys Lake-Town and it's people. 

Their hearts sink as they realize they brought this destruction upon them by awakening the dragon.

Bilbo looks over at Thorin, who is detached from the company, surveying the scene from a lower point. 

"Hugs all the dwarves...especially Thorin!!!"

 The morning after Smaug's vile attack, the survivors, wounded, and dead wash ashore. They search through the rubble, pulling out the bodies of their fallen friends, and salvaging anything they can.

Thanks to Tauriel's healing powers, Kili is healed from the orc's deadly poisoned arrow wound. And he, and his companions are going to make their way to Erebor to once again rejoin their comrades. 

Too much...TOO MUCH! Can't handle it...*faints* 

Kili and Tauriel must say good-bye.
Kili tries to persuade Tauriel to come with him, but Tauriel hesitates, then looking behind her she says something in elvish and we see Legolas standing behind her.

(Legolas! You ruined their moment!!!)

Legolas tells Tauriel to say farewell to the dwarf and to come with him, they have work to do.
 *slaps Leggy*
You can see in her face that she is torn. She wants to go with Kili, but doesn't want to abandon Legolas either.
Tauriel refuses to go with Kili and turns to walk away, as does Kili, but he stops and comes back to her...


Giving her his rune stone, and the same promise he gave his mother, Dis, before going away.

*heavy sobbing* 

They look longingly at each other for a moment, before Kili jumps back into the boat with his companions and they start rowing for Erebor. Kili looks back, one last time at Tauriel who is standing on the shore watching him leave.

NOOOOOOO!!! Tauriellll!!Kiliii!! GAHH!!!! fsdkfdsjflskdksfj 

Legolas pulls Bard aside and asks what he and his people will do now. Bard replies that they will travel to Dale and seek shelter, then he will approach Thorin about his promise that he pledged to his people.

An elven messenger from Thranduil arrives with a message for Legolas, saying that his father wishes him to return.

Legolas says, "Come Tauriel!"

The messenger says, "My lord, Tauriel is banished."

*slaps some sense into Thranduil*

Legolas is shocked, and refuses to return with the messenger, despite Tauriel urging him to not infuriate his father further, but to return immediately. Legolas refuses.
Instead, they devise a mission of their own, based on a hunch Legolas has of an army growing in the old fortress of Gundabad. They ride there at once.

 That evening, Thorin is brought word that the late inhabitants of Lake-Town have settled in Dale. Thorin is furious and at once sets the dwarves to work barricading the hole Smaug made when he smashed through the mountain, on his way to destroy Lake-Town.

Thorin, suspecting trouble, sends a message through a raven to his cousin, Dain Ironfoot, who lives in the mountains nearby.

The dwarves work day and night, without rest, blocking up the hole.

They send several giant statues crashing to the ground in order to gain stones to block up the hole.

They succeed in patching up the hole, and now stand guard over it, keeping a watchful eye on Dale.

Bard and his people have set up camp in the ruins of Dale, in the valley below Erebor. 

They have little food and water, hardly enough to sustain them for more than three days, at most. 
The next morning, they awake to find the elven army of Mirkwood within their ruined fortress. Thranduil comes riding in on his great moose, bringing with him a wagon load of food and supplies. The people are overjoyed. 
Thranduil says he has come to take back to take the gems that are an ancient heirloom of his family, from the dwarves...forcefully.
Bard begs Thranduil to reconsider, and to not wage war without attempting to avoid it first. 
Thranduil gives Bard leave to talk to Thorin that night, but if they cannot get an agreement, then he attacks at dawn.
Bard rides up to the gate's of Erebor, and asks to speak with Thorin. He consents, and Bard relays to him his promise that he gave in Lake-Town, and that he and his people have come to claim it of him.
Thorin refuses to honor his promise, sending Bard away empty handed. Saying, he will not part with a single coin.

THORIN!!! Noo!! Just share the treasure with them!!! grsfdjsdkfklggjlsdkf !!!

The dwarves are astonished by Thorin's answer, but do not say a word in reproof, fearing their king's wrath and anger.  

Gandalf returns from Dol Guldor, and warns king Thranduil and Bard to drop their petty grievances with Thorin, and look to the threat that will soon be upon them. Thranduil does not take Gandalf's warning seriously, and holds fast to attacking the stubborn dwarves in their mountain at dawn.

*again attempts to slap some sense into Thranduil* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!!! 

That night, Bilbo silently leaves the mountain, taking with him the Arkenstone, which he's had for some time now. 
On several occasions he started to give it to Thorin, who is now succumbed to the dragon sickness, but each time thought better of it and kept it hidden, thinking it for the best. 
He contrives a plan to bring about peace on all sides, by giving the Arkenstone to Thranduil, they can then bargain with Thorin, giving him the Arkenstone in return for his promise; their share in the treasure.  

With that in mind, Bilbo starts towards Dale.

He shows up in Thranduil's tent, and tells him his plans. Afterwards, Bilbo secretly returns to the mountain, so none of the dwarves will suspect. 

The next morning, Thranduil and his army are stationed in front of Erebor. Thranduil and Bard ride up to the gate, and try and bargain with Thorin, who, after finding out that Bilbo was the one that gave them the Arkenstone is furious and orders the dwarves to throw him over the walls. The dwarves refuse to obey such a command. Thorin, in a rage, grabs Bilbo and begins choking him. *faints* Gandalf intercedes, and tells Thorin to let Bilbo go. Thorin releases his hold on Bilbo, and Bilbo quickly scurries down the wall. 

Thorin still refuses to honor his promise, and when offered the choice of peace or war. He chooses war. *faints* sfsdljfdkdlfsk NO! NOOOO WAR!! Thorin..jfslkfdslkf

 Once they receive their answer, Thranduil gives the command to his archers to commence firing.

NOPE! Don't you DARE fire on my poor, stubborn dwarves...even if they a way deserve it.....STOPPP!!!

Then we hear a horn blow nearby. Everyone looks over to see a great armor-clad dwarven army, led by Dain Ironfoot, approaching.
The dwarves in Erebor cry out in happiness in seeing their kin come to their sorely needed aid.

Dain has a few words with Thranduil, basically telling him to shove off, otherwise he will water the ground beneath their feet with their blood.

Yep. Dain Ironfoot means business! 

 Just as the two armies are fixing to charge each-other, they hear commotion coming from the mountains that surround the valley in which they stand. Next thing we see is giant earth eating/tunneling worm-creatures come out of the mountain. You'll never guess what's behind them! A massive orc army soon pours out onto the plain.

GIANT WORM CREATURES!!! ACKCKKC!! Where in Middle Earth did y'all come from..never mind..don't answer that.

The dwarves, seeing this new threat, turn their attention likewise and charge the orc army. The elves soon follow, despite their hatred for the dwarves. The two armies fight back to back against the ever-growing orc army that keeps pouring out of the tunnels from underneath the mountains.

 Legolas and Tauriel reach Gundabad.

Legolas relates to Tauriel that it is here, that his mother died.
 Poor motherless Leggy! *sniffles*
They see dim lights from inside the fortress, and decide to watch for the cover of darkness before they attempt to sneak inside.

Soon, a great cloud of giant bats come flying from the fortification. 

B A T S !  

Legolas, "These bats were bred for one purpose. For war."
Then we see another orc army, under the leadership of Bolg, issue from the fortress.

 Legolas tells Tauriel that they must warn the others of what is coming. They at once start retracing their steps back, on a return journey. 

I forgot to add in the part on how Gandalf escaped Dol Guldor above, so I will do that now:

An orc remains in Dol Guldor, and decides to dispose of the wizard once and for all. The orc throws the cage in which Gandalfs in, to the ground. The orc is fixing to kill Gandalf, when we see Gladriel walking through the old ruins. She kills the vile orc who tried to kill Gandalf. Then picking him up, she carries him through Dol Guldor, but is confronted by the nine ring-wraiths. She lays Gandalf down, and kisses him on the cheek, as if saying good-bye.

Apparently Gladriel has been working out in the gym........... 

But then we see Elrond come through the shadows, followed by Sauroman.

They promptly battle with the wraiths, and soon defeating them. When they are approached by Sauron.

Sauroman challenges him, and attempts to defeat him, but fails. Gladriels comes to his aid, turning into a creepy-green-angry Gladriel. She sends him packing back to Mordor, then collapses from her efforts.


 Radagast soon appears, and taking the wounded Gandalf, leaves Sauramon and Elrond to care for the now weak Gladriel.

Radagast takes Gandalf to his house in the forest, but Gandalf (who miraculously recovers from his past wounds) is soon off again to warn the dwarves of the orc army that he saw leave Dol Guldor, commanded by Azog. 

E Y E !!!! fsjfsjfldfk

This should have been up closer to the top as well...but I did tell you a few things would be mismatched. ;)

Kili, Fili, Bofur and Oin, upon reaching the mountain, are greeted by a frantic-Bilbo, who tells them to leave at once. A terrible sickness lies upon the treasure, and he tells them that Thorin has neither slept nor ate for days, instead he wanders the treasure-hoard, searching for the Arkenstone. None of them listen to his advice, instead they run to the treasure room, headed by Fili and Kili, and there find Thorin as Bilbo said, wandering the treasure hoard, mesmerized by the vast wealth of his fathers.  

Thorin welcomes them to Erebor, but the dwarves already sense that this is not the same Thorin in which they knew.

"Welcome sister's sons, to the great treasure hoard of our people!" *Nope* 

 Fili, Kili, Bofur and Oin are reunited with their fellow dwarves, and now they all stay within the confines of the mountain-halls.

Thorin, even after seeing Dain arrive and the great turmoil that unfolds right outside of their mountain, refuses to come to their aid. The dwarves try and persuade him to leave the mountain and fight alongside their kin from the Ironhills, but he is adamant.

THORIN! You stubborn ole' goat you!!! It's OK. I still love you. 

The dwarves are forced to watch the bloody battle from inside the mountain, unable to take part in the fray. 

 Thorin is completely consumed by the dragon-sickness.

Dressed in kingly attire, Thorin sits atop his throne, thinking only of his wealth and how he can protect it from those who would take it from him. 

Watching Thorin succumb to his madness is just so sad!

Dwalin comes to Thorin, telling him that he is not himself, and he cannot see what he has become. Thorin becomes enraged, and orders Dwalin from his presence, under pain of death if he should return.

Thorin then walks to the golden halls, where days before, they attempted to drown Smaug in liquid gold. It is there that he has a vision. A vision of how the gold is destroying him, consumed by the greediness of Smaug. Thorin then throws off his crown, coming to his senses, goes to find his trusted comrades.

This part was terribly sad! Dwalin was almost in tears. He was so hurt by what Thorin told him. *sniffles* 

 Kili who is sick of being cooped up behind these walls, unable to fight in the battle in which they initiated, comfronts his uncle upon his entering the room.

"I will not hide, while others fight our battles for us! It is not in my blood."

 Thorin, "No. It is not."

He then asks them to follow him, one last time.

Kili and Thorin embrace.

Fangirl take over...

HEY! Stop hijacking my post, you crazed fangirl!
Look at it again...this is too heart-wrenching of a moment not to look at twice!

Giant troll creatures (I forget exactly what they're called) are stationed on the hill, with catapults mounted on their backs, firing missals down upon the dwarves and elves below.

Another orc army has come up behind Dale, and now marches upon the women, children, and wounded inside. Knowing they are an easy target, they march on them while the men are busy with the other orc army in the plains below Erebor.

The elves and men, perceiving the danger, at once march to Dale, and there fight in the ruined city, leaving the dwarves to fend off the first orc army.  

Thorin and his companions suit-up and soon bust out of Erebor, smashing open their make-shift wall, using a statue as a battering-ram.

Thorin at the lead, with his nephews on either side, shoot like an arrow into the orc army, inflicting great damage upon the orc ranks.

My heart was racing alongside the dwarves as they rushed into the orc army!!! 

The dwarven army rallies to their king, and soon sends the orc army fleeing in terror.

Dain and Thorin meet on the battlefield, and warmly embrace, despite the battle taking place 'round them.

I personally, loved Dain! He was a great, funny character..who meant serious business!  

 Bilbo during all this is in Dale with Gandalf.

The elves and men of Lake-Town are having a desperate struggle in Dale. More orcs keep seeping in, they seem impossible to defeat.

The women and older folk who stayed behind while the men went to war, now join in the fray, and join ranks with the elves and their kinsmen.

Bard is trying to keep order within his ranks, danger lurks on every corner, but he bravely fights alongside his men, protecting his family from harm.
Legolas and Tauriel return from the fortress of Gundabad, with the news that yet another orc army, headed by Bolg is marching this way, and will soon be here. They will try and ambush them by coming over Ravenhill.


The dwarven army is taking a stand against the orcs, the odds seem to be turned in their favor now. Thorin, now having restored some courage and peace back into the dwarf army, decides the next blow that should be struck, should be to take out the orc's leaders.

He, alongside Dwalin, Fili, and Kili, mount up on mountain goats (provided by Dain) and begin climbing Ravenhill, the place in with Azog and a few of his captains have been giving orders.

 Thranduil, who up until this point had been fighting in Dale, alongside the Lake men, now ceases battle, sickened by the death of so many of his men. He orders his army to leave, saying he will not allow another drop of elvish blood to be spilt.

Tauriel, disgusted by her king's high-superior attitude and disdain for the other races, and selfishness, stops him in the gate as he and his army are leaving.

Aiming a bow at Thranduil, she tells him he is no better than the rest of them, etc....

Thranduil is furious and slashes Tauriel's bow in half, leaving her weaponless.  

I was FURIOUS at Thranduil by this point. I couldn't believe that he couldn't see the virtue and wisdom of what Tauriel was saying. UGHGHGHDFSFKSDFLs

Just as his father is about to end Tauriel's life, Legolas jumps in between them, telling his father that if he kills Tauriel, he'll have to kill him too.


Thranduil, after forbidding Tauriel to go to the rescue of Kili and the other dwarves, telling her, her love for the dark-haired-dwarf is ridiculous, as he is a mortal, and that they should all return to the Woodland Realm. Tauriel, being a pro at following orders and all(NOT), quickly starts towards the mountain.

Bilbo, upon hearing of the danger in which Thorin and his companions are in, volunteers to warn them, but Gandalf refuses; telling him he will be seen and will never get past the enemy. Bilbo persists and tells Gandalf he is going up there to warn them anyway.

After slipping on the One Ring, Bilbo starts towards Ravenhill. 

Thorin, Kili, Fili, and Dwalin, upon reaching Ravenhill, fan out in search of Azog and his hoard of orcies.
Thorin sends Kili and Fili to scout out a broken-down tower, with strict orders to not engage the enemy, but if they see them, to report back to him at once.

Meanwhile, Thorin and Dwalin search around the frozen grounds.

Kili and Fili have gone to scout the tower, soon after they are gone, Bilbo arrives, telling Thorin that another orc army will soon be upon them if they do not flee at once. 

Knowing what is fixing to come....*cries* 

Kili and Fili enter the tower, and start climbing the flight of stairs. They are about half way up now, Kili looks back down the stairs momentarily, while Fili looks up. He see's a faint light and shadows above. He quickly turns to Kili and tells him to search down below, while he keeps searching here, telling him that, "He can handle it."
As soon as Kili disappears around the corner, Fili starts up the flight of stairs once again, but stops when he hears noises, and see's the shadow of half a dozen orcs coming down the tower. He turns around to start back down the stairs, when he see's more orcs coming up from below. He is trapped. 

As soon as they entered the tower, my heart sank. For I knew what was coming... 

Bilbo just finished talking to Thorin and Dwalin, when they hear commotion. Looking up at the top of the tower they see several orcs, and Azog, dragging Fili behind him.


Azog roars at Thorin, "You will all die this day, but this one..." holding up Fili for them all to see, "dies first!" 

Azog pulls Fili up, Fili screams to Thorin to "Run!!" Then Azog, stabbing Fili, throws him off the ledge. 
I was sobbing violently at this moment..TOO MUCH FOR THIS LITTLE FANGIRL HEART!!!
Fili lands right in front of Kili, who just reached the bottom of the tower.
 dfsfldjflksdfljdl *loud sobbing*
Thorin, Dwalin and Bilbo look on horrified at the scene that just unfolded in front of their eyes. Kili, mad with anger rushes towards Azog and his guards, throwing himself at them recklessly.

The look on Thorin's face was horrifying..and I went into violent sobbing again...ok actually I had never stopped sobbing.

About this time Tauriel reaches Ravenhill, and frantically starts calling Kili's name.

SADNESS! Sadness!! Too much sadness! TAURIEL!!! 

She runs into Bolg, who has just arrived with his army. 
Thorin, and Dwalin are occupied with the orcs that are steadily coming over the hill.
Bilbo, get's knocked on the head by Azog as he passes by, leaving him unconscious. 

No! Bilbo! Don't let Bolg push you around...oh wait..Bolg is like 10X your size isn't he...Well do something!!!! 

 Tauriel is taking a beating from the giant orc, Bolg. He throws her up against the wall...

*attempts to choke Bolg through the theater screen...*

Tauriel crumbles to the ground, hurt from the force of the blow. Kili, hearing Tauriel cry his name, finds where she is at. Bolg is fixing to finish her off, when Kili jumps off the wall, landing on Bolg's shoulders.

Bolg manages to throw Kili off his shoulders. They battle each other for several moments, before Bolg grabs kili, holding him down. Kili struggles in Bolg's grasp, trying to push away the blade that Bolg now has close to his chest. But in vain, Bolg stabs Kili, Tauriel looks on, stunned as her love dies before her eyes. Kili glances over at Tauriel, a tear running down his cheek, then he passes.

I just about died. ^This^ was in NO WAY OKAY!!!!!!

Tauriel, run mad with grief at the loss of Kili, lunges towards Bolg, as he throws Kili off his sword. She jumps, and landing between his shoulders, attempts to push him off the cliff; she succeeds and they both go tumbling down the face of the mountain below.

Legolas, who has just arrives and was fighting some orcs below, see's Tauriel and Bolg falling down the mountain. 
He starts to fire an arrow at Bolg, but finds he is out, and has only his double knives and Orcrist.
 Using a giant, blind troll as a ride, and a battering ram...he reaches the other side of the ravine where Tauriel and Bolg are.
Bolg, of course, is not dead. He and Legolas quickly get into it and have an epic battle. 
Legolas stabs Bolg through the head, and the hated enemy (finally!!!!!!) dies.

After Fili's death, Thorin confronts Azog.

They battle on the frozen lake atop Ravenhill. Azog wields a massive mace and chain. All Thorin can do is dodge his mighty blows, trying not to be crushed by the deadly weapon.

I forget exactly how Thorin get's Orcrist back, but he does, and he's battling Azog with it. 
Azog has broken a circular piece of ice, where he repeatedly threw his mace at Thorin. Now, they both stand in the middle of it. Suddenly, Thorin puts Orcrist down, and then picks up and throws the giant rock that's attached to Azog's mace, back at him. Azog catches it, puzzled as to what Thorin is doing.
Remember they were standing on a piece of ice..that isn't attached to the rest of the frozen lake? Yep..guess who weighs alot more than Thorin all of the sudden? Azog flips under the ice, and sinks into the icy waters due to the weight of his mace. Thorin starts to walk away, but see's the body of Azog floating under the ice and follows it. As Thorin is standing over Azog through the ice, Azog opens his eyes, and pierces Thorin through the foot. Thorin screams out in pain, as Azog breaks through the ice. He takes Thorin by surprise, who is lying on the ice. Azog brings his weapon down with force, but Thorin blocks just in time, to avoid being cut in half. Both put all their strength behind their weapons. Azog, trying to stab Thorin, and Thorin who is desperately trying to push the giant orc who stands over him off. But he cannot push him off, and Azog's sword strikes Thorin in the chest. 
 PETER JACKSON! YOUR HEARTLESSSSSS!! *faints to the a pool of tears*
Thorin rolls Azog over, and we see his sword go through him.
Thorin staggers back, and slowly walks towards the edge of the mountain, looking over it, at the battle below. Then he falls to the ground.

Bilbo awakes from his unconscious-state, and finds his beloved Thorin wounded and bleeding on the ice. He runs to his side, and see's the mortality of the wound. Thorin tells Bilbo that he would like to part in peace and friendship with him. Bilbo tries to comfort him, pointing to the sky, he tells Thorin that the eagles have arrived, and with them Radagast, and Beorn. But Thorin is already gone.  

*fangirl heart splits in three pieces...*

Thranduil finds Tauriel with the deceased Kili, lying in her lap. Tauriel begs Thranduil to kill her, as she cannot bare the pain of Kili's loss.
 He refuse..and the scene changes.


Gandalf climbs Ravenhill, finding Bilbo crying by Thorin's side. Soon, the other dwarves come, and bow before their fallen king.

The bloody battle for the mountain is over. The dwarves, elves, and men have won the day, but not without great loss. 
Trumpets from Dale play tribute to Thorin and his fallen nephews.
 My heart, my heart just couldn't take this.
Bilbo bids farewell to (what remains) of the company, and starts on the return journey to the Shire.
When Bilbo arrives, he finds all his belongings are being auctioned off. The hobbits, assumed Bilbo was dead, after being gone 20 months. He quickly sorts it out, and enters his empty hobbit hole. He is overwhelmed by the memories that flood his mind. Then it changes, and we see the old Bilbo, writing in his book. We hear a knock on the door, and Bilbo says, "No thank you! We do not want any well-wishers, or distant relations." Then we hear a familiar voice say, "And what about very old friends?" 
Then the screen goes dark, and we hear Billy Boyd's song "The Last Good-Bye" start playing. 

Fangirl Rant:

Everybody just went off and neglected poor, darling Fili! We see Tauriel mourning over Kili, and the dwarves, Bilbo, and Gandalf mourning over Thorin..BUT IT NEVER SHOWS FILI AGAIN!! Poor sweet Fili!!!!
UGH!! When he fell from the tower, I wanted to smash through the screen, take up Fili's sword and avenge him!! 

This was defiantly an epic (and horribly SAD!!!!) ending to The Hobbit trilogy.
 So if you'd like to cry your heart out, then go ahead and go see it.


I called the theater before hand and had them install a drainage system for the flood of tears that I knew I would be crying.  

So thanks, Peter Jackson, for tearing out my heart, chopping it up into little, tiny pieces, and feeding it to the wargs.

I didn't need my heart or feels anyway. 



~At Your Service~

 Fangirls: *heavy sobbing*