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#OneLastTime Q&A

#OneLastTime Q&A

I was tagged by the lovely miss Sarah , thank you dearie!

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(don't read unless you have seen the movie; there will be *SPOILERS*)
 Questions 1. Tell your story of how you came to see the movie(s) or got into Tolkien in the first place.
We had grown up reading and loving Tolkien's books, and when the movies started coming out, we naturally loved those too. I can remember watching them when I was very little. So I've been a 'into' them since childhood.
2. Who are your three favorite characters in the Hobbit Trilogy? Fili, Kili, and Thorin.  

3. Did you cry in the Battle of the Five Armies, and if so, which scene(s) and what type(sniffling, sobbing, choke-crying)?  Are you kidding me???!!! I teared up through the entire movie! YES I CRIED! I bawled, sobbed, wailed, and so forth. My eyes started to tear up when Dwalin goes in to Thorin, and tells him "He cannot see what he has become." I started getting very upset when Fili and Kili went into the tower on Ravenhill, I knew something was fixing to happen. I started sobbing when Azog drug Fili out, and never stopped sobbing until the credits ended. And yes, I stayed in the theater until the credits were completely over.  
4. Were the deaths compelling to you, and if so, who's? Fili's was the most heart breaking to me (he's my baby!! <3<3<3<3). He protected Kili from danger in the tower, and instead put his life on the line, and then he died in view of his brother, uncle, adopted uncle (Dwalin), and dear little Bilbo. It crushed me utterly and completely. Kili dying to protect Tauriel was sweet, but I still haven't forgiven Tauriel all the way for being in the movie (due to her character's absence from the book), but it was such a tragic death. The tears that rolled down Kili's cheek, as he thought about the life with Tauriel he could never have, was too much! I died right alongside him! Such a sad, heartbreaking moment. Thorin's battle with Azog was interesting. I could have done without Thorin following Azog under the ice, I screamed internally at the movie screen during that whole part. And when Azog's blade pierced Thorin's chest..I choked by tears. Actually no. I lied. I let them all out and bawled somemore, because apparently Peter Jackson enjoys seeing his (female) audience bawl. But anyway..yes all three deaths were tragic, but Fili's was the most tragic in my opinion.  
5. Over all, were you satisfied with the movie itself?
Most defiantly. It was by far the best (and saddest) of them all.

6. Describe the movie in one word.
I nominate:

At Your Service


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