Friday, April 3, 2015

Well Met Dwarflings!!

Well Met Dwarflings!!


How fairest you all? My, my long has it been since I've posted last? Far too long, methinks! But alas, Dis has left me in charge of the mountain while she is away, Lil' Kili accompanied her, leaving me quite on my own with only my wolf pups to keep me company.
Uncle Thorin and Fili are both away at the moment as well.
But I'm here, and I thought I would take a minute to disband some ugly rumors that I've seen floating around..well..everywhere! No doubt the result of some orc mischief! 

It's gone viral that Fili, Uncle Thorin, and I have all died.....yes, you've all heard it, seen it on the news, read it in the newspaper. But it's not true I tell you, I'm here to vouch for that. We are alive and well, and don't you dare let those nasty orcies convince you otherwise! I mean honestly...what would we all do if these rumors were actually true? I bet the shameful orcies started this rumor to dismantle our beloved fans. Hmmm..yes, I think I'm right. When Uncle finds out about this he'll be furious mad...probably go on a rampage and kill a few hundred orcs and maybe a cave troll. He does have his temper tantrums on occasion, and I'm willing to bet this rumor will set him off...again.

So take heart my beloved fans! And do not be distraught any longer. 
 You shall hear again from me very soon...

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