Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Many Adventures of Kili, Fili, and Lil' Kili - Continued

The Many Adventures of Kili, Fili, and Lil' Kili - Continued

 When they all got to the bottom of the hill, they were unrecognizable. Kili was trying to pat down his hair, which was in wild disorder. Fili was trying to get mud clods and twigs out of his nasty little pocketsies. Meanwhile Lil' Kili was trying to get a leaf off his tongue, his hair was also very messy. "Stupid bumbling idiot!!" Lil Kili screamed to Fili, "Look at my hair!!!!" he said lunging at Fili, knocking him to the ground while punching and hitting every which way. "Stop it!" Kili yelled. They paused, Fili had ahold of Lil' Kili's hair, and Lil' Kili's hand was in mid-air fixing to punch Fili on the nose. "I just wanted to give him a punch on the 'ole nose!" Lil' Kili said very innocently. "I was fixing his hair!" Fili said smiling evilly. "You weirdo, stupid, idiot, bumbling bock-head!" Lil Kili said turning bright red. "You weren't trying to fix my hair! You were trying to kill me!" Lil' Kili said whirling around to look at Fili, who was still trying to get mud clods out of his pockets. "Ahhhhh!!" Lil' Kili yelled, lunging again at Fili but miscalculated and smashed into Kili instead. When they finally got back up the hill, Kili's hair stood straight on end, Fili was covered in mud and twigs, and Lil' Kili had leaves stuck all over his face. The band of brothers continued until they came to a stream, where they washed themselves. "I have a beard and you don't Kili!" Fili said suddenly. "WHAT?!?! I don't???" Kili said in a shocked voice. "Soo..since you don't have a beard, you're not a grown dwarf, which makes you a boy!" Fili said smugly. "WHAT???????" Kili said. "Well at least I have something." He said rubbing his chin. "Lil Kili doesn't have anything!" 
"What? I.I..I..I..I thought I did!" Lil' Kili said frantically. Kili pulled out a hand mirror from somewhere in his coat and tossed it to Lil' Kili. He caught it and examined his chin. "Ahhhhhh!!!" Lil' Kili screamed. Running around he grabbed a mud clod and smeared it on the mirror where his chin would be and then looked in the mirror. "Ha! Now I have a beard!" he said proudly. "What? No you don't!" Kili said, walking over. "SEE! I do!" Lil' Kili said. The mud appeared to be a beard on Lil' Kili's reflection. Kili and Lil' Kili were looking at Lil' Kili's "beard" when they stopped and looked over at Fili who was admiring his beard and re-braiding his mustache for the tenth time that morning. "I guess I'm the only one who has a real beard, huh?" Fili said smirking/smoldering into the water at his imaginary girlfriend. 
Kili and Lil' Kili burst out laughing. Fili whirled around too quickly and lost his balance and tumbled over backwards into the stream. 

To be continued - 

~At Your Service~

Lil' Kili

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